Allegiance and Contentment


Inside every character, there is a castle. Each castle has a window that lets light enter from the world outside. The light and the sounds that come in change the internal atmosphere of the place. Just like somebody’s words, the music coming from outside affects the castle inside. Hidden rooms, where no noises infiltrate, are reminders of aspects of our character which no-one else knows. Even if there is a tucked-away room with a squeaky floor and thin walls, this is something sacrosanct that only the castle knows about.

All castles try to keep warm in order to stay strong, function as intended, and be a formidable shelter. But a castle, due to its size, sometimes isn’t aware of every window that it has. There are so many inlets and the castle might not realise which windows are actually opened or closed at any given time. It gets confused as to how certain leaves fly in, creating disorder and mess. But the castle has realised that it is wise to stay inside and to check these inner tunnels through lengthy exploration because it is the best way to understand oneself.

About the piece

Like pieces of a jigsaw, glitches of colour crack the isolation of space with a beautiful melange of soft tints. Intriguing concept art that demonstrates the depths to which one’s imagination can go!

The left centre a blancmange castellated object stands in front of a signature black background like a noctilucent cirrus cloud formation. Rising up from the bottom centre across and upwards is an ecru and earth tone rock with a pink column rising up to the top right-hand corner. The left-hand edge has an azure wave.

This abstract bracelet art picture is part of the North London independent brand Loudoe’s series of creative works. They can be bought as posters from Loudoe’s online store along with various types of unisex bracelets that are emotionally connected to these concept art offerings.