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Side Mirrors concept art from London UK company Loudoe. A wing mirror reveals brightly lit pink cars surrounded by blue, turquoise and pink shapes containing dark curvy lines and zig zag bordering.

Side mirrors

July 1, 2020
As a North-London based independent design agency specialising in the creation of thought-provoking art illustrations, Car Games is part of Loudoe’s Car series of stories. It has red moving lines which are released from the blue dotted motorway which is positioned in the bottom left hand corner. Complementing the numerous creative interpretations from our talented in-house designers, Loudoe stories are also available as nice keep sakes in our shop, like posters and blue, black and red bracelets.

Car games

June 23, 2020
Camera-eye View digital art features glowing lights and pink, blue and orange streaks on black, created by illustrators at North London design studio Loudoe. Keepsake bracelets and posters also available.

Camera-eye view

June 11, 2020
This illustration has rectangles formed across the art work horizontally and vertically. They are held in place by sharp glowing lines Loudoe specialises in digital art and illustrations. Loudoe’s art is created by illustrators and animators.


April 17, 2020
A warm pink circular shape sits on top of a manipulated image of a car. The car is outlines with blue and purple. Loudoe creates unique and individual illustrations and motion graphics.


April 14, 2020
An illustration of crystal like layers leading to another vortex. Loudoe’s illustrators create a broad range of abstract art and creative interpretations.


April 8, 2020


February 9, 2020
cute urban bat

Loud bat

October 11, 2019