More than a pause, a chance.

This illustration is full of air, movement, and freedom even though it is overarched by a red light. There is a suggested path, but it is made of brittle violet crystal windows that lead into the unknown. The red light might suggest a restriction, but it seems no matter what direction you go, as soon as you cross the red light the route changes. Also note that the red light is pointing elsewhere. Perhaps each stripe is tied by thunder, making this purple crossing float somewhere in the atmosphere. Or maybe, the stripes are fixed in place by drawcords which run off into unchartered territory, hinting at a secret only the quartz crossing would know about.

This digital art is another important element of Loudoe’s series of illustrations based on a narrative of a car’s perspective. What does the car know? Well, this car knows about trajectories and directions and how minuscule changes in them can result in major changes to the final destination. It is also aware that in a hundred different routes and a thousand different places there is one constant – the car itself.

This picture is showing us that whatever it is in front of, it can be both strong and weak. Maybe it is going to help, or maybe it is going to make the crossing harder. After all, it might not even be a crossing but floating shelves holding a cosmic rectangular condensed towel, to be used during the next beach season, all tied with dancing bracelets. This description can be contradicting the artist’s idea to the fullest, meaning for this case everything depends on the perspective. Whereas the perspective depends on the position so the movement is important. Those inner trajectories are capable of changing anything…

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