We are Loudoe, a small creative team based in London. 

Capturing the promise of distant lights, we collect the moments that jolt the heart on a journey through an industrial maze.

Our primary focus is digital illustrations, each accompanied by an original Loudoe written story. These are told from the perspectives of different everyday objects, picking up on the surreal details of their existence. To further support the stories, we produce and release still and motion images.

We currently provide posters and a small line of apparel which includes T-shirts and cord bracelets in a variety of lengths and colours. The cord bracelets can be applied to some of the Loudoe apparel range or used independently as a sentimental reminder of the legacy that we portray.

We strive to make a positive contribution within our scope by nurturing artists and creative talents. At the moment, we are home to a graphic designer, a writer and a photographer, as well as working with filmmakers. Ultimately, we want to build a space for expression.

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