The nocturnals

What about the nocturnals keeping our city awake at night…

This shot appears to be made of fragile lines; however, in reality, these lines are quite firm and strong. A car’s mirror, windshield, and windows can withstand all the wind it faces. No doubt the green and gold pillars at the rear have managed to support the obsidian garage for many days and nights. But what if this art only catches a moment of their thoughts. Maybe the windshield has been through days where the wind was particularly mild, somehow letting it delve into the unknown faster? Maybe the window was letting in scents of its favourite music festival, with revelers having their accessories scintillate and glitter like the contents of a treasure chest from fairy tales. This is an illustration of a pink glow inside a car. This is a reinterpreted Loudoe slogan “there is a light at the end of the Loudoe”

The second stop on our route to the conclusion of the narrative. This route will be filled with art pieces and moments where our protagonist might have crossed over paths. These art pieces, or posters, are not part of a jigsaw, but they are open about being part of the narrative. The truth is, this shot is illustrated with the narrative in mind. This urban sketch was inspired by the factors that play a role in a car’s journey, where in fact the protagonist is a car. This car is a philosopher and it ponders over the notion of whether other cars think the same. Questioning if the sudden changes in the roads will bring a proportionate or disproportionate change to its journey.

This art piece aims to see whether there are components that are more magical than they appear. It tries to understand whether the objects in the rear mirror are smaller than they appear so the traveler’s heart will be ready to let them go, or, to allow more objects to come into a memory shot. This lets the mind decide which memories to remember and which to forget.

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