Welcome to our wavelength!

Loudoe produces dynamic, inspiring and thought-provoking illustrations and images. Our artwork is tailor made to excite your senses and provoke your curiosity.


services Visionary

Projecting images and messages – through the perspective of the inert. We embrace the view of shapes and angles as autonomous entities.

services Complex

Subtle but loud, elaborate yet haphazard, discreet whilst ostentatious, uninvolved though not indifferent, gentle and harsh - Loudoe is all of these.

services Questioning

From a direction of random, surreal ideas, Loudoe is here to provide both focus to what we see and to expand our horizons.

services Challenging

We thrive on the inquisitive, offering the observer an alternative interpretation to the world around us.

services Liberating

We are all unique and are entitled to independent thought. Loudoe is a vehicle for self-expression, embracing the unusual and encouraging artistic diversity.

services Open

Inclusive, carefree, and honest – these are core Loudoe beliefs.


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October 10, 2019

At Loudoe, our latest ‘flight of fancy’ is this adorable collection of playful little bat stickers. Everyone’s invited to pick their favourite bat and add the sticker to their Instagram stories. There’s a bat for every letter of the "alphabat"...

July 9, 2019

Written words are an essential part of Loudoe’s world. That’s why we’re excited to be announcing a new written journey that starts where our Proverbs left off. These sentences are shorter than our stories and unlike the proverbs, the enigmatic...

June 25, 2019

Loudoe is delighted to have partnered with Rough Magazine for the launch of our latest editorial. Featuring Loudoe t-shirts, vests, bracelets and posters, the designated editorial section has been styled to achieve an edgy minimalistic look.

May 7, 2019

Loudoe creates stories and inspires with words. These illustrations play with wisdom by twisting it and adding an ironic and sometimes enigmatic touch to commonly used phrases. We are a leopard that won’t change its spots but lives nine lives.